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Fabricating Highly Organized Nanoparticle Thin Films

Posted by Jyrki Korpela on March 23, 2017

Nanoparticles and thin films made from nanoparticles are gaining recognition and use in various products and applications including displays, sensors and energy storage. These types of products often require well-controlled particle organization, density and film thickness to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.


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Topics: Thin Film Deposition and Characterization, nanotechnology, nanoparticles

How nanomaterials interact with the environment - Understanding nanoparticle - cell membrane interactions

Posted by Matthew Dixon on October 13, 2016

How does a nanomaterial interact with a cell?


How nanomaterials interact with the environment after they have been disposed of has many implications for potential toxicity and health concerns. Whether nanomaterials are being incorporated into commercial goods for their anti-microbial properties such as in work-out clothes or used for targeted drug therapies their overall prevalence is increasing. Therefore, the likelihood of someone coming into contact with these materials is also increasing.

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Topics: QCM-D, nanoparticles, environment