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5 Tips &Tricks When Taking Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and QCM-D Measurements

Posted by Brian Rodenhausen PhD on February 22, 2017

Most effort in a spectroscopic ellipsometry and QCM-D measurement is done setting up the instruments and liquid flow assembly. To help make life a little easier, consider the following tips & tricks.

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Topics: QCM-D, Q-Sensors, ellipsometry

Building an Appetite for Hydroxyapatite Q-Sensors

Posted by Olivia Uddenberg on October 6, 2015

Hydroxyapatite in biomaterial and medical device research

Within biomaterials research and development, hydroxyapatite (HA) is well known for its biocompatible properties, particularly in bone bonding, and for its potency of rapid integration into the human body. Orthopaedic and dental devices are often coated with hydroxyapatite to facilitate integration and acceptance by human tissue. 

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Top 5 Q-Sensors for biomaterials & medical device research

Posted by Anna Oom on September 11, 2015

The QCM-D technology is used for research in many biomaterial- and medical device applications. Since the sensor is a critical part of the measurement, and the coating of the sensor is even more important in order to get the desired interactions, we wanted to give you some inspiration to a number of our sensor coatings suitable for biomaterial- and medical device research.




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Topics: Biomaterials, Q-Sensors