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How To Measure Surface Free Energy?

Posted by Susanna Laurén on April 6, 2017

If you have been looking for an instrument for contact angle measurement, you have probably noticed that measuring contact angle is not always enough. Although contact angle measurement does give you an indication on the wetting properties of the surface, it is always a value that depends on the measurement liquid used.

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Topics: Surface Free Energy, Contact Angle

How surface roughness and wettability affects biocompatibility

Posted by Anna Oom on November 24, 2015

Various types of artificial materials are being utilized as implants in all fields of medicine. The surface properties of the implant determine its interactions with the surrounding host tissue. Physicochemical properties of the surface, like wettability and surface roughness, are of prime importance for the optimization of adhesion, spreading and proliferation of cells.



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Topics: Biomaterials, Wettability, Surface Roughness, Protein Adsorption, Adhesion, Surface Free Energy