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8 publications you should read if you are working with formation of supported lipid bilayers

Here we list 8 key publications that you should read if you want to get on top of the key facts and fundamentals of the lipid bilayer formation process.

< 3 min

What analytical methods should you use to characterize your model membrane platforms?

Model membrane platforms, such as vesicles, monolayers, and bilayers are used in various research areas. To characterize these model systems, it is often necessary to use more than one analysis method. So which analysis methods should you use?

< 3 min

How to characterize model membranes with QCM-D

Model membranes are used in various fields of research, e.g. in the design and development of biosensor platforms, biomaterial coatings and drug delivery applications. In this overview, we present examples of how these lipid membranes can be characterized using QSense QCM-D technology.

~ 2 min

Nanoparticle interactions with biological interfaces

This blog post discusses the nanoparticle interaction in biological environment.

~ 11 min

How nanomaterials interact with the environment - Understanding nanoparticle - cell membrane interactions

How do nanomaterials interact with the environment? Current research uses model cell membranes to understand nanoparticle-cell membrane interaction.

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